A Year in Review – 2012

I gues this’s it – we’re ending the year of 2012 in just few days. It’s been a wonderful year and I hope everyone feels the same way, too. A little incident happened on Christmas day. What ‘s supposed to be a lovely day turned to be an unforgettable moment. We were getting ready for our annual Christmas family gathering. Cake was in the oven, chocolate bourbon mini bundt cakes and 1 regular size to be exact, and I was looking at it through the glass door when suddenly a flame bursted. I was so shocked that I turned off my oven right away. The top part of the cake was burnt a little bit. Luckily, the bundt cakes were finished; however the cake was half-way baked. I was panic and concerned about the oven, flame, and cakes. LOL. I stood there and waited for few minutes. Perhaps, miracle happened and my oven would work back to normal again. Few minutes later, I turned it on and the oven worked for couple minutes and went off. It happened few times until I decided to let it go. Oh well, there went my Christmas morning story and a reminder to take a break and enjoy the holidays (literally! since I can’t use the oven/ stove in the meantime).

I will take a short break this week and promise to be back next year with my New Year’s resolutions and hopefully a brand new-looking blog. Yes,  I attempt to give it a facelift. Crossing my fingers. Administering botox…



  1. Oh my goodness! What an alarming thing to happen! :O I hope everything is ok with the oven 🙂 Although yes I think I need to relax and enjoy the holidays a bit more 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I would freak out. So glad you are okay and glad it didn’t create a fire outside of your oven! Happy New Year, Linda!

  3. Belated Merry Christmas Linda 🙂 A shame about your oven but glad your okay and it didn’t cause any horrible accidents ~ Enjoy your much deserve break and looking forward to reading more wonderful posts in 2013!

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