I Whisk You: Baileys Vodka Chocolate Truffle


I have the best security guy in the building. He’s super nice and knows every one of us. Well, it’s a small building with a lil’ bit over 100 people working here, but he knows most of us pretty well. When I first came to this building, he already knew that I would be working here and he showed me what’s good and bad in the neighborhood, the best way to spend lunch hour, and he even shared his biography.


What surprised me was when he handed each of us christmas card…on his behalf. That’s very sweet of him and definitely extra miles! To be honest, I rarely send out cards, and mostly Frederick handles this part. He diligently lists and writes personal message on each card, yeah, he’s very thoughful.


…and with the holidays around us, what is the best way other than sharing our own homemade edible gifts. So in return, I made this chocolate truffle with a combination of baileys and vodka. I used this recipe as the foundation and use dark chocolate instead of milk so the flavor is well-balanced.




  1. Aww I bet he loved them! He sounds like he goes beyond the call of duty which is so nice and it was lovely of you to make these for him! 😀

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