A Circus Theme Baby Shower + Panda Sushi Roll

My mom always tells me that her biggest obsession when I was still in her tummy were fish and cooking classes. To be honest, I can’t agree more with that. I love fish and can’t live without it. Cooking? I don’t quite remember when or how I started learning to cook, but it was sometime in elementary school. As far as I could remember, I baked my mom a black forest cake for her birthday. It was very tricky because mom got up at 5am. Hence, I had to get up at 4am and made sure everything returned back to normal. before she woke up Luckily, my relatives lived just across the street so I could hid the cake there. It was definitely worth it when she was surprised to get that cake at 6am, complete with Happy Birthday to Mama in Chinese characters.

Ever since I moved here, I rarely baked until few years ago. I made up so many excuses – the kitchen is too small, I need help, I don’t have time, and so on. But, first love is too powerful, so slowly but surely, I gained my strength back. One of the most memorable cakes was this baby shower cake that I did for our close friends. It was memorable because I was still in LA and the baby shower was held in SF. Hence, I went to work during the day and busy in the kitchen at night for few days. Made everything from scratch and taught myself how to make/ work with fondant from YouTube and blog.

I also made mango and strawberry marshmallow and chocolate banana mochi cupcakes. So imagine going through the security line at the airport on Friday evening with all those goodies. It was exhausting and nerve-wrecking since I had to place the cake in the overhead bin. among those luggages. Thankfully, the cake remained the same (Hallelujah!) but most of the figures were broken and I did not have any tools with me to fix it. I was glad that everyone was very supportive so I tried my best to fix them with a nervous smile.

Not bad, I supposed, though I lost so many details of the figurines. Everyone was very pleased and it was a lovely day in the park to celebrate this baby shower. Now, just last week, we had another celebration, a birthday celebration for my nephew, to be exact. He just turned five and he has planned his birthday since Summer. Kids today certainly know how to party since their early days. But of course, his parents tried not to spend too much money and teach him to be creative instead. One of the ideas was to build his own cake topper. He’s been in love with Hero Factory so his parents asked him to build it from his own toy and that will be the cake topper. He even made extra so he could share the topper with his friends.

Another fun part was this bento box. It was his mom’s idea to have this bento, instead of dessert table or pizza. Enough said, it’s healthy, easy to pack and easy to clean. Done! So, my mom and I took part in this. Honestly, my job was pretty easy but time consuming. I had to make that panda sushi, per my nephew’s request. I once made it for him and it was not a big deal when you had to make enough for 1 kiddo; but for 30 kids? Oh boy, I spent 5 hours just for that panda and went crazy that morning because I ran out of nori sheets. So, I rushed to the grocery market nearby and went back to work. Phew, glad that mission was accomplished and everyone was happy. I wish I took more pics of the final look since we added edamame and more items in it.



  1. OMG, this spread is seriously AMAZING!!! You did all of this?!!! and I LOVE the panda sushi!!! so cute!!!

  2. You are quite the friend and aunt!! I’m sure your friend and nephew were very happy!!! Nice work! Wow!!!

  3. OMG wow!!! YOu are seriously too talented! my nephew, boyfriend and friends will all love me if I could do half of what you did! Make all that delicious food and to top it all off a panda sushi roll πŸ™‚ WOW!! Will you be posting a step-by-step recipe? πŸ™‚

  4. good mercy!!!!! this is amazing!

  5. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    OMG, you are simply AMAZING!!!!! I know how tedious it is to make the panda sushi, and I am impressed that you made for the kids! The cake and everything looks so perfect. The story about the chocolate cake for your mom really tells how great cook/baker you are!

  6. This is absolutely amazing!! That panda sushi is sooo adorable and your dessert table looks fantastic – soo professional. Can’t believe you taught yourself to do the fondant so quickly – you are amazing! The cake looks sooo cute πŸ˜€

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