A Recap on Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 2012

Ten days have passed but for those who went to this event might probably remember how fun it was. It’s the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival that took place in San Francisco on October 19-20. It’s my first event as food blogger and I am positive it won’t be my last. I really had so much fun and enjoyed the program they have set up. Everything was so organized and well prepared.Β I got there on Friday evening, fresh from the airport with pizza in my hand. It just happened that I had to travel that week; however I did not want to miss this awesome opportunity. And pizza? Well, there’s a pizza parlor in LA that I love so much and I wanted to share it with Frederick since he never got a chance to visit the place. Any hoo, I did not get a chance to join their Welcoming Night and Dinner because I went to Jenna‘s book signing (woo-hoo!) and spent the night with Frederick. I was surprised when I got home and found so many items in their goodie bag.

The next morning, we started the event at 8.30 by the Ferry Building. I felt like going back to work since I work close to the venue. Sadly, I never visit the Farmer’s Market quite often, especially on Saturday.Β The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is a California certified farmers market operated by the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA).

Oh boy, so many vendors and good stuffs! I got there and CUESA shared a bit overview of what they do and how they support the local community. You can learn more through their website, however I really found it interesting and learned a lot. Right after short intermezzo, we’re broken down into groups and did a group activity. Oh, they also provided us with some tokens that we could spend at the Farmer’s market.

This time, I got a chance to know Austin of Places I’ve Eaten, Jill of Cupertino Chronicle, and Aimee who’s still developing her site.

We did our scavenger hunt, as well as got to know one another and followed by breakfast! I finally tried 4505 Meats and got their Saturday special, which was maple bacon breakfast sausage sandwich (maple bacon sausage patty, aged gruyere, with sunny side up egg and fresh market peppercress on a homemade buttery griddled sesame scallion bun). It was scrumptious and… a bit messy, lol.

What I like about Ferry building is obviously the view. Always stunning over the Bay Bridge and downtown area. It’s such a perfect match between lovely scenery and wonderful meals since The Ferry Building is also committed to the artisan food community and to fostering the values of that community. They envision the Ferry Building Marketplace as a vibrant gathering of local farmers, artisan producers, and independently owned and operated food businesses and the customers they serve.

Moving on, we got a lil break in between events which we decided to get a rest at Jill’s hotel. I really wished we got complimentary massage ‘coz after hours of walking, I was completely exhausted, but we tried to stay on schedule. And since this was a food blogger event, it was so obvious that what we did were eat, eat, and eat. Look at these…

That’s not it – we had more than that and also got a bit demo on this and that with Chef John Ash.

In short, I had so much fun attending this event and can’t wait to attend another one. We literally collapsed that evening and thankful for nice weather and place to seat!

And I’m not finished yet coz I’ll be back next week with giveaway! So, stay tuned and get connected!



  1. Awesome recap, and great photos! I think the farmer’s market was my absolute favorite part about the whole festival. I totally wish we were back in SF!

  2. It looks so vibrant and inspiring there! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the recap!

  3. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I’ve never attended foodbuzz festival (and I’m local…lol) but it’s always fun to see the recap. And from all the recaps I’ve seen, yours have the most pictures and I totally enjoyed reading from beginning to the end. πŸ™‚ I love the Ferry Building and glad you had fun!


  1. […] so excited when I heard about NatureBox during FoodBuzz Festival. So what is NatureBox? Some of you might have heard it. NatureBox is a local company that focuses […]

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